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Psychic Secret

Psychic Secret

All I wanted to do was survive exams and graduate high school. Too bad that all blew up in my face – literally.  


Apparently, I have psychic powers and I am very bad at controlling them. After two run-ins with dangerous villains that scare my destructive powers right out of me, I get brought to the Psychic Training Academy – a government run facility meant to help people like me become “useful”.

Now I’m caught between my old normal life and my new crazy one. During the day I have to study for exams and at night I need to train in hand-to-hand combat…oh and try not to fall for my two sexy sparring partners.

When a Rogue psychic starts wreaking havoc, I join in on the fight. When my best friend gets kidnapped, it gets personal. I’ll need to discover what my powers can really do if I want any chance to win.


Psychic Secret



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