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The Only One

The Only One

A May/December romance that defies a lot of established tropes


Sparks fly when Piper Vaughn, a Manhattan real estate agent, meets Richard Spencer, a wealthy English businessman in New York for a year on an extended project and looking for a place to live. She’s blonde and beautiful, with a sweet smile and bubbly personality, while he’s tall and lean, with bright blue eyes and a laidback demeanor, and also nearly 20 years her senior. Though the attraction is mutual and instantaneous, they try to keep their relationship strictly professional, but as soon as they close on Richard’s new apartment, they can’t resist each other any longer.

A sweet and passionate romance develops between the two, but before they know it, Richard’s project is over and he must return to London. This abrupt wake-up call is compounded by the return of Piper’s ex-boyfriend, and she is faced with a life changing decision. Should she stay in New York, the city she never thought she would want to leave, or give everything up to start a new life in London with the man she loves?

About the Author
Mary has been writing since the spring of 1999, but only just published her first book, a romance titled “The Only One”, in August 2015. Up next is the thriller “No Safe Place”, and after that, she plans to start working on a supernatural romance called “Crimson Hollow”.

Mary is a 2008 graduate of Florida State University, and currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida. When not writing, she is a voracious consumer of visual media, particularly her favorite TV shows.


The Only One




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