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Awakened Spells Box Set

Awakened Spells Box Set

The complete and bingeable series!  


An orphan, I lived my life in the shadows, stealing magical objects people wouldn’t miss. Born without magical powers, I lived my life as the lowest of the low barely able to scrape by.

A man came to me one night from the shadows and told me I could do more. I possessed the Mark of Merlin, a power granted to only the most powerful mages. I told him he was wrong, but he proved me wrong, and my once dormant powers began to flow.

I joined his resistance, meeting mages, shifters, werewolves, vampires, and more creatures than I could ever count. They wanted me to do something alongside them: to help infiltrate the magical police force, M.A.G.I.C., and become a cop. I did it, not for them, but to stop a powerful rune mage from taking over both realms.

He wants my powers, my mark, for evil. He also has the rest of the force in his pocket, looking for any mages who carry the type of magic I have. Now solving cases with my jaguar shifter partner and werewolf boyfriend, I must find a way to stop the man who seeks to take everything from me before he finds out I’m right under his nose.


Awakened Spells Box Set


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