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Polaris Rogue

Polaris Rogue

The Battle for Tomorrow.


The year is 2025

Pluto was destroyed by a massive alien armada.

NASA covered it up with a trite “Pluto is no longer a planet” campaign.

But the aliens kept coming.

Neptune is next and the ships are moving faster and faster.

Earth is defenseless.

Millions could die.

One ship holds humanity’s fate in its hands.

The USS Kobayashi and it’s hand-picked elite crew can meet the aliens and fight.

And fight they did … for twenty minutes … until the aliens blasted it with an electromagnetic pulse. Mankind’s last, best hope was left drifting in space—literally powerless. The line of Earth’s defense was broken.

Now, one rogue pilot and one incredibly smart (and powerful) AI computer have the only chance to save us in an obsolete, first generation starship that might not even make it into space.



Polaris Rogue



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