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The Sol System Renegades Quadrilogy

The Sol System Renegades Quadrilogy

Books 1-4 of the Space Opera Thriller Series. 


Grab the first four books in the thrilling Sol System Renegades space opera series for one low price, in this massive limited-time box set!

Stuck in a low-level position as a telepresence operator, emotionally vulnerable Space Corps agent Elfrida Goto is grappling with her toughest job yet: she’s been tasked with evicting thousands of illegal settlers from a hollowed-out asteroid near Venus. But when humanity’s deadly enemy, a murderous AI based on Mars, assaults her home base, Elfrida begins to question her loyalty to the Space Corps and her enigmatic boss, Gloria dos Santos. Racing against time, she must untangle a devilish plot that spans the solar system. It’s the only way to save the asteroid colonists … and her own life.


The Sol System Renegades Quadrilogy


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