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The Weapon Takers Saga Books 1-3

The Weapon Takers Saga Books 1-3

Dive in to the fantasy saga where a motley group of heroes must recover a stolen relic.


Twins Belwynn and Soren can communicate telepathically. They must lead a team of mercenaries, priests and exiles on a mission that becomes far darker and more important than they had bargained for. Perfect for fans of multi-character epics like Lord of the Rings & A Game of Thrones.

Comprising books 1-3 of The Weapon Takers Saga, this box set follows an epic quest for the seven weapons of Madria.

Soren, an ambitious wizard

Belwynn, his twin sister, who shares a telepathic link with him

Rabigar, an exile of the Krykker race

Elana, a mysterious priestess

Moneva, a killer with a dark past

And a host of mercenaries, sorcerers, knights, dukes, kings and strange new races.

Who will lay claim to the weapons? Who can be trusted? And as war comes to Dalriya, who will take a stand against the dark forces that have been unleashed on the land?

Readers have compared this series to The Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad & A Game of Thrones.

From the Author:
This epic fantasy collection of books 1-3 of my series is available for a limited time at a launch price of $0.99, reduced from $7.99. I hope you enjoy it!

From readper:
We love Jamie Edmundson’s books! Catch our review of the first book in this boxed set here.

About the Author:
Jamie has always loved a good story, whether real or imagined. He grew up in the south of England before moving to the north, where he worked as a history teacher. He still lives there with his wonderful family, but now spends his time writing, mainly about people hitting each other with swords. Connect with him at


The Weapon Takers Saga Books 1-3



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