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Highland Trails of Love

Highland Trails of Love

Secrets, mysteries, twists, and passion…  


Highlander’s Savior

Sarah is forced to hide her identity in order to survive. Drew has to get his revenge on the English for their injustice against the Highlanders. In the heart of the Highlands the two of them are bound to meet, but with the constant threat of war, will they find the strength to trust each other?

Highlander’s Captive

Declan is tired of being pushed aside. He has proven himself in the war against the English, so why is his duty to guard this English woman? Catherine has been taken to the Highlands against her will. If she’s not a prisoner, why is she locked up in a room? To her surprise, there is more about her guard that meets the eye…

Highlander’s Revenge

Alastar has been a prisoner for too long, burning with his desire for vengeance. Rebecca has learned to keep her head down but this will no longer keep her alive. When they come face to face with their common enemy, they will have to decide between life and death…


Highland Trails of Love


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