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I Saw What You Did

I Saw What You Did

If you’re on his list, he’ll make you wish you were dead. 


“I saw my husband kidnap a woman forty minutes ago.”

Shortly after Emma says these words to a 911 operator, her husband, Paul, is arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. His victim, Alison Bowles, is found raped and strangled hours later. The evidence against Paul is irrefutable: there are traces of his DNA on Alison’s body, and her hair was discovered in his trunk. The police believe he may be a serial killer.

Paul insists he’s innocent and claims he was with his lover, Julie, at the time of the murder.

A few days after talking to Paul’s lawyer, Julie disappears without a trace. Emma is surprised to find out that all fingerprints in Julie’s house have been wiped off.

Where is Julie? Why were the fingerprints wiped off?

In her search for answers Emma uncovers a diabolical conspiracy masterminded by a serial murderer. He has a long target list, and he knows who he’ll kill next.

About the Author:
Tim Kizer is an author of suspense and mystery fiction. He resides in Southern California. He is currently working on his new suspense novel.


I Saw What You Did


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