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The Leira Chronicles

The Leira Chronicles

Magic is real, and it’s coming back with a literal bang! 


This is the entire first 8 books of the Revelations of Oriceran. Also known as the Leira Chronicles. Grab this fantastic collection of the Austin Series and see how the Oriceran Universe began.

Waking Magic:

Solve a murder, save her mother, and stop the apocalypse?

No problem.

She has a foul-mouthed troll on her side.

For Austin homicide detective Leira Berens, happy is running down bad guys and solving crimes.

And she’s good at it.

Which is why when the Light Elf prince is murdered, the king breaks a centuries old treaty and crosses between worlds to seek her help.

Wait a minute. An Elf? Like from Lord of the Rings or something?

Yeah, Leira has a hard time accepting that.

But it doesn’t matter what she believes.

Magic is real, and it’s coming back with a literal bang.

The prince’s death was only the beginning. Tracking down his killer is about more than just justice.

It’s saving the world.

Also included are books 2 – 8.


The Leira Chronicles


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