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Scrapper: The 13th Paragon Part I

Scrapper: The 13th Paragon Part I

An Odyssium Novel.


Salla Saar was a promising explorer once, living a whirlwind life of adventure alongside his partner, Natke Orino. However, one bad day was all it took to shatter that life to pieces. Now, he’s a scrapper—a pirate riding the wild seas of the Odyssan Archipelago.

His crew’s latest job is simple: escort members of a shadow syndicate called Gargazant Ikahn to a clandestine meeting, no questions asked. However, that simple job turns out to be but the opening gambit in a long-dead empire’s return to glory…and Salla has unwittingly played a part.

There’s only one path to redemption, and that road leads him back into the past, to Natke. If he can’t set things right and stop the syndicate from reaching a lost city of untold power, there is only one outcome: WAR.


Scrapper: The 13th Paragon Part I


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