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The Enchanter

The Enchanter

This enchanter can cast.


Freeland is an Enchanter in hiding. Before the revolution, strong magic users called Casters kept people like Freeland as slaves. Enchanters could build items of great beauty and also constructed items to make even the weakest Caster strong. Freeland’s father was an exceptional Enchanter and ran off with his master’s daughter, Freeland’s mother Teresa. During the revolution, rather than free the Enchanters the Casters started slaughtering all they could find. Freeland saw his father and most of his family killed. Now living with his mother and his uncle who is also an Enchanter, Freeland tried to keep a low profile. Casters had been removed from power and keeping slaves was illegal. Freeland was one of the few Enchanters still living and did not trust the Casters no matter what the law said. Freeland’s greatest fear was realized when he was forced to reveal his secret and now every Caster around came to threaten him. Soon all of his enemies will find out that he is not only one of the few Enchanters around, but he is also a Caster as well.


The Enchanter


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