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The Oron Nexus: Empathy

The Oron Nexus: Empathy

A sci-fi alien romance.


Forced from her beloved Forest by the Integration Act, Betzee must do her three years National Service with the technologically advanced City Dwellers. Her expertise in caving and small size, gets her assigned to a ship in the Space Corps Science Division. Whilst exploring some tunnels on an alien planet, she makes a discovery that links back to the Forest and a secret held by the women of her village; a secret she was duty-bound to protect.

Betzee hadn’t been planning on finding a life-partner yet, but she seemed to have attracted the attention of two men: the young lad, her age, also doing his National Service; and the older Space Corps Officer. She had to make a choice and she had to get it right …. The physically induced empathic bond meant it wasn’t just a matter of future happiness; their very existence would be inexorably entwined once the bond was complete. After her rescue from an enemy space station, she thought she had made the right choice; it was only later she realised her recollection of events had been impaired by her drugged state. What had she done?


The Oron Nexus: Empathy


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