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Tammy only planned to fall in love once. But sometimes plans change.


Tammy Tymes has always been a bit… different. She may be a genius when it comes to science, but she doesn’t know much about how to communicate with the opposite sex. Tammy thought that starting college in a different state meant that no one needed to know how her twin sister stole her best friend in high school or that Tammy’s never actually had a boyfriend. Eckhart College, known for its marine biology program, may have seemed like a good place to start fresh, but Tammy quickly realizes the exclusive school is full of rich kids who just want to play with dolphins. The blue-eyed, purple-juice swigging, Yoda-talking Dallas appears to be the perfect distraction and a way for Tammy to finally fit in. There’s only one problem: Dallas doesn’t seem to be as obsessed with Tammy as she is with him.

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Kit Sergeant’s novel 355 about women spies in the American Revolution won a Kindle Scout contract in 2017.




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