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Jack Forge, Lost Marine Boxed Set

Jack Forge, Lost Marine Boxed Set

A desperate battle against superior alien forces to determine the fate of the human race.


Jack Forge was transformed from an unwilling Marine recruit to savior of the human race. The only problem: he’s now lost in space looking for the remnants of humanity. Just when he thinks he’s found help, TWO new hostile alien races enter the picture. Can Jack find – and save – humanity or will he forever be lost in space, fighting to survive?

The Jack Forge, Lost Marine Boxed Set contains the entire Jack Forge, Lost Marine series. If you like fast-paced military science fiction, you will love watching Jack fight for the freedom of all.

From readper:
We featured Jack Forge, Fleet Marine Boxed Set back in January, 2019. This is prolific author James David Victor’s second box set in this best selling series.


Jack Forge, Lost Marine Boxed Set


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