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Bride on the Alaska Frontier

Bride on the Alaska Frontier

A runaway bride, swathed in silk, stuck in the church window . . .


Christmas bride Megan Trent’s fairy tale wedding turns into a nightmare. The church is packed to the historical rafters with family and friends. The majestic sound of the wedding march swells. If she walks down the aisle, she’ll save herself, fiancé, friends, and family embarrassment. She knows she’ll pay for her mistake with heartache, the most expensive coin of the romance realm.

It began on Thanksgiving Day with a surprise proposal. University statistician Megan, intent on checking off the items on her Christmas shopping list, asked her new boyfriend what he wanted for Christmas. Handsome and sexy Ryan answered that he wants her. He blinded her with holiday romance and the sparkling diamond in the vintage setting. Despite her qualms–she hasn’t known him long, he might have eyes for her identical triplet sister, Emily, he refuses to discuss his mysterious past–she plunged into hasty plans for a formal church wedding.

Megan shimmies out of her gorgeous wedding dress, dons her bridesmaid sister’s street clothes, and grabs her sister’s purse. Emily’s cell phone buzzes, and displays a text message.

Flight 1307 for Fairbanks, Alaska is on time.

Megan decides it’s fate, and she’ll be on that flight. She climbs out the window. She leaves behind her frothy wedding dress, her antique engagement ring, and a tear-stained note for her fiancé.

An identical triplet takes her sister’s place at the altar . . .

Emily can’t believe her sister is jilting her fiancé at the altar. Emily realizes her purse, along with her plans for a new life, is gone.

She presses the discarded gown to her cheek. Dare she take her sister’s place in the wedding? She’s secretly in love with Ryan, but could never betray her sister. She’d planned to start a new life in the remote wilderness in Alaska as an eMail Order Bride, and marry an eccentric, reclusive prepper for the apocalypse, a man she’d never met.

She shoves away the question clamoring in her whirling mind as she joins the wedding procession. What will the handsome groom do when he finds out he married the wrong triplet?

Hiding behind a secret identity, a stalker watches . . .

Everyone in the church, including the groom, is waiting on tenterhooks for the tardy bride to appear. The stalker clenches his fists. He can’t bear to watch one-third of his obsession, the Trent triplets, get married. He slips out of the church.He’s shocked as he watches the girl climb out of the church window. Before he can stop her, she disappears from the snowy parking lot.

He’ll find her.

Wherever she goes. She’ll be his. And then he’ll concentrate on adding the other two sisters to his collection.

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Jada Ryker is a longtime friend of this site, here from the very beginning way back in 2016. We are happy to present her latest book, a romantic thriller. Check it out!


Bride on the Alaska Frontier


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