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The Milburn Big Box Set

The Milburn Big Box Set

All 18 books from both series plus 18 delicious recipes! 


“A Murder In Milburn” was Nancy McGovern’s 1st cozy mystery series, featuring the young, up-and-coming super-sleuth & super-chef, Nora Newberry. The series included 12 stories, ranging from murders at a wedding and a zoo to…well…murders at an ice cream factory and a bed & breakfast. It also included 12 delicious recipes straight out of Nora’s own cookbook. But, after a dozen murders in the small, quiet town, it felt like maybe enough was enough. So Nancy moved on to other characters & series in an effort to give Milburn some time to repopulate.

But fate intervened…

After some time away, Nancy missed her old friend, Nora, so much that she just had to “Return To Milburn” and published 6 more stories in this sequel series, set 25 years after the original. We reunite with Nora on her 55th birthday, happily married with two grown daughters and still up to her old tricks: solving murders & whipping up dishes like she never missed a beat! It seems there’s never any shortage of murder in Milburn!

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We featured the Nancy McGovern Cozy Mystery Sampler box set back in July, 2019.


The Milburn Big Box Set


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