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The Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mysteries Box Set

The Mission Inn-Possible Cozy Mysteries Box Set

Revenge and murder go together like cupcakes and poison…


Spy extraordinaire, Charlotte Mission, has no choice but to hide out in her grandmother’s inn in small-town Gossip, Texas. The prospect is about as exciting as a wet blanket, but with her rogue spy ex-husband after her, Charlie’s willing to tough it out.

After all, everything’s going great… Charlie’s getting to bond with her retired spy grandmother, enjoyed the company of the resident cat and learned how to make a mean vanilla cupcake. That’s until she gives one of those cupcakes to a guest and they drop dead seconds later.

It’s murder, and Charlie’s the prime suspect. The clock is ticking–can she solve the mystery before her ex finds her?

Join Charlie and Gamma on their adventures, as they solve mysteries, take care of kittens and hide from their worst enemies in Gossip, Texas. Grab your copy today!


The Mission Inn-Possible Cozy Mysteries Box Set


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