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Children of Titan Series: Books 1-4

Children of Titan Series: Books 1-4

There are two sides to every rebellion…  


Earther corporations have extended their reach through our solar system: greenhouses on Mars, gas mining on Saturn, casinos in the Asteroid Belt—they control everything. Using bounty hunters known as Collectors, they erase offworld problems before they escalate.

But Saturn’s moon, Titan, is done fighting for scraps.

Malcolm Graves, a corporate collector from Earth, is sent to investigate a bombing carried out by a rebel cell known as the Children of Titan. At the same time, a lowly offworlder with a dark past is hand-selected to serve as the face of Titan’s uprising.

When these two opposites collide, war is not just inevitable, it’s catastrophic. Titan must fight to earn its freedom. But when the dust from their bloody revolution settles, will they even deserve it? Or will the horrors of war transform them into the very thing they’re fighting?

Buy this special edition omnibus to experience a fast-paced, space opera thrill ride telling the complete story of the Titan Conflict. Betrayal, loss, intrigue, and high-octane action make this a perfect choice for fans of everything from Star Wars to Blade Runner.


Children of Titan Series: Books 1-4


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