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Empire Eternal: Reset

Empire Eternal: Reset

Mechs, magic and aliens.


As Korbin stands on the ashes of an Empire, the last battle on the last human world is lost as he stands next to his prince and his friend Lo’Karr. Just as he tries to initiate a magic teleport sequence to flee Britannus, a beam of magical energy hits him and the lights go out.

Korbin wakes up in his sixteen year old body, his memories lasting back thirty five years since he last left the Imperial Academy. He faces a serious number of problems. For one, the Empire thinks its alone in the universe and nothing could be further from the truth. The Vorrans are just around the corner, and Korbin knows that within a week the two races will be at war. And nobody knows that a mage can be much more than a glorified suit battery. The Vorrans teach the humans about the Initiations, the technique to advance a mage along the path of Ascension, but the humans never had enough runestone to even contemplate such a thing.

But the greatest danger on the horizon are the merciless Reavers. They wiped out the Vorrans. They wiped out the humans. They will be coming again.

Time is ticking. Korbin needs to grow a pair, restore his powers, grab his best friend, the prince and save the day. God hates a coward, soldier boy. Time to get to work.


Empire Eternal: Reset


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