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Deep in the woods of Texas, can Lux Branson find a creature that may not even exist?


Bounty hunter and expert tracker Lux Branson is hired by cryptozoologist Dr. Stevens to find a legendary creature that he believes lurks in the Piney Woods. What she doesn’t count on is leading a motley team of field investigators: Sam, the pompous anthropologist; Julie, the know-it-all biologist and survivalist; Ben, whose tattoos hide more than they reveal; and Hal, a seasoned adventurer.

In the unforgiving boggy Texas woodlands, their days-long foray to seek Bigfoot leads Lux and her team to a remarkable discovery. Or a hoax. When one of the team disobeys her orders, the tables are turned and the predator becomes the prey. Now, it will take all of her instincts, training, and courage to help her team survive the danger and emerge from the woods.

Five adventurers go into the deep woods seeking proof, but will they live to tell the world what they discover?




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