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The Heaviness of Knowing

The Heaviness of Knowing

They say the truth will set you free. They lie.


Roxal is desperate to stay alive. So desperate that she pretends to obey her gods even though she knows they are false. But now her gods are hunting down and executing the non-believers, and Roxal fears her pretense may no longer keep her safe.

Overachiever Lauren is on the verge of a brilliant technological breakthrough when an unexpected illness stops her in her tracks. Urgent visits with a hypnotherapist reveal an alien named Roxal is responsible. Is the alien a symptom of the illness? Or worse, is she real?

Two women are in danger on two different worlds. Can their connection to each other be the key to saving them? Or will only one survive?

The Heaviness of Knowing is the first book in a suspenseful, action-packed series for readers who love stories of overthrowing dystopian leaders and uncovering alien invasion conspiracies. Buy your copy today and be transported to a world where knowing the truth is a death sentence.

The Heaviness of Knowing


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