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Generation Sandbox Series Box Set

Generation Sandbox Series Box Set

Imagine a world without adults …


Civilization ended the day the satellites fell out of the sky. Global extinction followed. Following the falling sky, adults over the age of twenty-one died off from a mysterious illness. The world economy collapsed, manufacturing stopped, civilization crumbled. Those left behind, everyone under adulthood, lost electricity and transportation. Without rudimentary life skills, the generation that followed adapted to a culture revolving around video gaming as a way to survive. They used real-world situations to build a new form of government that meant gamers ruled. Generations following the extinction-level event learned about the Old Ones as cautionary tales to scare their offspring. Younglings learned through following the rules of the game. Open-World is a dangerous place with Bosses and Sub-bosses and Mid-bosses ready to put gamers into Extra Life.

…The world Amelia inhabits is one filled with jungles and ferocious monsters. Amelia isn’t afraid of Open-World she’s the granddaughter of Top Score Leader, Benjamin Haddon. Amelia knows more about the real world than most of the inhabitants of RowOak. She learned a lot of the Old Ones and their selfish ways from her grandfather. Now her grandfather achieved Extra Life, it’s up to Amelia to make sure Benjamin Haddon’s rules continue to help the community thrive. Since the Top Score Leader passed over, other gamers have a chance to claim the top spot and rule the village. Amelia must decide to keep what’s rightfully hers through the family or face a new Top Score Leader.


Generation Sandbox Series Box Set


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