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The Complete Star Magi

The Complete Star Magi

When Void Dragons from space attack New York, everything changes.


Amanda has lived on Earth for over a thousand years as a Magus. A user of Magic, and part of a community of Magi across the globe, hidden from humanity. She’s fought the dark Magi for centuries. Now, on the verge of finding their dread masters, the Archons, everything changes.

Unknown to the Magi of Earth, the Nexus—a vast interstellar empire of Magic—surrounds our planet. When the evil Crux Magi liberate the Archons, and attack New York, the Terran Magi are forced to join the Nexus.

Amanda leads this mission, determined to keep Earth safe, and hunt down the Archons.
But an ascendant Earth upsets the delicate balance of power within the Nexus.

Amanda must face power hungry Magi, the forces of darkness, and vicious Void Dragons, in this epic, sprawling tale of Magic and adventure on a galactic scale.


The Complete Star Magi


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