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Class Zero

Class Zero

Class Zero Series, Book 1.


With a fifty-six percent unemployment rate, the Government has abandoned its people, allowing them to rot on the streets or to be butchered for industrial purposes. Living in a homeless shelter, sixteen-year-old Paeton is a Lower-C. Her days are spent keeping herself and the two young kids she watches over safe. Twice a week, she ventures into the deadly Atlanta streets to steal enough credits to pay her way, and maybe, just maybe, have a cup of her favorite coffee.

One night on her way home, she runs into a gray-eyed teenage boy who tells her that “change is coming.” Five minutes later, a security drone, worth billions, explodes over her head. Ten minutes later, a horde of teenagers riot in the streets. Fifteen minutes later, an android police officer rips her from the horde and wrestles her to the ground. She escapes only to see herself on television with the Gray-Eyed Boy—his face was covered, hers was not.

To avoid capture, she hides herself among the Escerica Rebels. Meanwhile, the news media labels her a traitor and brands her as the face of the rebel movement. She doesn’t want to fight the unyielding government or to save the world. However, when the two kids she watches are captured, she’s forced to face her inner demons. It’ll take more than thousands of officers, scores of androids, and dozens of flying killing machines to keep Paeton from the kids.


Class Zero


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