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Legends of Gilia

Legends of Gilia – Triple Trilogy Omnibus

Kingdoms will fall. Men will reign. 


Washed ashore on the land of Ruyn, Ealrin Bealouve is a man with no memory of his past.

Desperate to discover who he was and return to his homeland, Ealrin journeys through a continent ruled by elves, dwarves, and men.

But a growing hatred threatens to destroy the peace that has held the continent together for centuries. Ealrin must choose. Will he abandon his quest to remember his past, or join the fight against genocide?

Magic and betrayal, war and legend, his journey through Gilia will change Ealrin’s fate forever.

THREE entire trilogies and three bonus chapters await you in this true epic fantasy adventure! Dragons, magic, goblins, empires, elves, dwarves, and much more!

Legends of Gilia – Triple Trilogy Omnibus


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