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The Cursed Fairy Tales Box Set

The Cursed Fairy Tales Box Set

All three books in one box set.


As the crown princess of Austria, I’m expected to act primly and find a husband, not unleash a curse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when I touched a bespelled nutcracker. Now, I must find the magical nut Crackatook, or I will turn into a wooden doll.

My father locks me up in the castle, not understanding that I need to be the one to break the curse. Yet with the help of Philip, my best friend and royal guard, I’m able to sneak out.

Soon, Philip and I are off to lands filled with mythical creatures, sneaky traps, and complicated riddles.

Will we survive all trials and find the Crackatook in time? Or will I spend the rest of my days as a wooden doll?


The Cursed Fairy Tales Box Set

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