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Total Fake

Total Fake

A standalone friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance, part of the Broken Ridge series.


They had a plan.

Get married, grow old together and be in love forever.

As far as Ollie Knight is concerned, it doesn’t matter that they were only five years old when they made that vow.

A promise is a promise, and he’s loved Paisley Nicholson since the day she was born.

But that promise was as fragile as a daisy chain.

Paisley wants more from life than the tidy, put-together world they’re growing up in, and she sets out to find it.

But in the process, she loses the one person she thought would always be there for her.

When their paths cross again two years later, can Ollie and Paisley manage to heal the wounds of the past, or will their future be defined by words left unsaid?

Welcome to the world of Broken Ridge University, where second chances meet stubborn personalities, and sparks are bound to fly.


Total Fake

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