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The Book of Maladies Boxset

The Book of Maladies Boxset

Fate brings them together. Their magic will bind them. 


In the city of Verdholm, canals separate the highborns in the center sections of the city from the lowborns along the outer sections. The city is isolated, surrounded by a deadly swamp and steam fields which should protect the people of the city from the dangerous outside world. Until it doesn’t.

For Sam, an orphaned thief who wants only to protect her brother, protection means stealing enough so she can one day buy her way into a better section. She’s a skilled thief and offered a job that changes everything for her, leading her to understand her city—and herself—in ways she never imagined.

Alec is an apothecary who longed to join the prestigious university and become a physicker, but they rarely accept students from the merchant class, and he’s now too old to enroll. The surprising discovery of strange magic changes his fortunes.

Their journey will decide the fate of their city, but only if they can master the magic they only have when together.


The Book of Maladies Boxset

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