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Fae Prison Academy

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Fae Prison Academy

Dark magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding adventure. 


My arrogance was my downfall.

I thought if I played by the rules, I’d be spared from the cruelty of the vampires. Boy, was I wrong.

My plant magic was supposed to keep me safe, but when a fertility plant that I created for a rich vamp is stolen, my neck is on the line. Not only do I lose my cushy position with my master vampire, but I’m also thrown into prison.

A prison where in addition to slave labor, my self-esteem is decimated every single day.

My life looks up when the fertility plant thief is brought into the cell next to mine. Yet before I can out him, I realize there is another, better way to escape not only the prison, but the vampires’ grasps forever.

Will I find it, or rot in hell?

Dive into a magical world where a plant fae has to make a decision that could cost her everything.


Fae Prison Academy

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