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Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance

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Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance

The heart of a dragon, the role of a slave, and a prejudice to annihilate.


Wingless Valkyries are useless to the future of Asgard–that’s what is drilled into them at Valkyrie Academy.

Determined to break the mold and help reap warriors for Valhalla, Kara breaks the rules and finds herself facing the wrath of Mistress Sigrun and Odin.

Befriended by a dragon and marked by magic, Kara gathers herself formidable allies to help protect Asgard.

But will her achievements enable her to reap souls and obliterate the discrimination against wingless Valkyries?

Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance is a twisted Norse tale you won’t want to miss. This dragon rider series combines nail-biting suspense, exhilarating adventures, entertaining dragons, epic battles, a mischievous Loki and a wingless Valkyrie that will capture your heart and draw you to follow her magic.


Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance

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