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Montrose Paranormal Academy The Complete Box Set

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Montrose Paranormal Academy The Complete Box Set

SIX BOOKS, over 2000+ PAGES of action, paranormal romance, urban fantasy adventure, and supernatural shenanigans fill this clean academy YA box set. 


Welcome to Montrose Paranormal Academy—where the Three Societies rule all.

Hi, I’m Lucy. And I just found out I’m not normal.

Three years ago my brother went missing in Europe without a word. Until the strange postcard I got six months ago.

So I enrolled at Montrose to find him. I just have to play nice with the Three Societies long enough to dig up some dirt …

Before they figure out who I really am.

I must keep these three secrets to stay under the radar:

  1. Don’t show anyone the cryptic postcard my brother sent me from Europe.
  2. Don’t let anyone know the truth, that I can see angels and demons.
  3. Don’t fall for one of the dreamy leaders of one of the Three Societies … or don’t let anyone know if I do.

Let them think my brother is the Seer. Because if any of these power-hungry secret societies find out the truth, they’ll never let me go.

For now, I’ll need to stay under the radar. But that’s hard to do when two rival society presidents take an interest in me.

Can I find my brother and master my surprise powers without getting caught?

I guess we’re about to find out.


Montrose Paranormal Academy The Complete Box Set


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