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Solemn Promises of Love

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Solemn Promises of Love

Six inspirational best-selling Western romance novels.


Delightful tales full of emotion, love, inspiration, plot twists, and of course, heart-melting romance!

Her Unintentional Pure Love
With her father’s addiction to gambling and her brother’s irresponsibility, Laila Anderson’s life has not been easy. When everything takes a turn for the worse a wealthy rancher, Jarrett, offers to help her fix her damaged ranch, but she questions his honesty. It becomes increasingly clear to both that they have undeniable chemistry. Too bad that she can’t shake the feeling that his intentions are not that noble. Will the distrust caused by Jarrett’s secrets separate them, or will they find the answer they seek in each other?

In Search of Love and Affection
A woman of fiery wit and ethereal aura, Julianna Ryles has always stood out. She and her beloved brother Stephen have been living a quiet life until one fateful day, he leaves for work and never returns… When Julianna asks Sheriff Wingate for help, he promises to do everything in his power to find her brother. During the investigation, a profound connection blossoms between them. Will the endless searches bring the vulnerable hearts of these two closer together? Will they be able to solve the mystery of Stephen’s disappearance and save his life?

A Bet on Love and Hope
No one will decide Rena Olsen’s destiny but her. Running away from home, she seeks refuge at her grandfather’s ranch, where life is simpler but harder. Her grandfather entrusts her to Tom, who is like a second son to him. Unfortunately, having to take care of his boss’ urban-bred granddaughter is the last thing on his mind. When Thomas gets to know Rena, he will find that she is very different from what he expected, and that she’s running away from something. Can Rena and Thomas find common ground and let their hearts speak for themselves?

Trusting Her Innocent Heart
Anise puts her principles first as she lives on her family’s struggling farm. Her life is not perfect, but when she meets Charlie, he causes her to veer off course. Their paths cross as he’s searching for the thief who stole his late mother’s wedding ring. Charlie has a desire to see the world and does not expect to find a reason to stay in Sheridan. Yet Anise is giving him every reason not to leave. In spite of their undeniable connection, they try to keep their distance from each other. Will they eventually let their guards down and give in to their emotions?

Blessed With a New Beginning
In the wake of her parents’ tragic deaths, Clementine Rogers goes further west to reunite with the rest of her family. Meeting another newcomer, David, will brighten her day for the first time in a long time, but will she be ready to discover that he is also running away from his past? For David, who has been hurt by a betrayal, being far away from home and meeting the beautiful Clementine is also a much-needed fresh start. However,they will soon discover that the Old West is full of dangers. Is it worth sacrificing their happiness in order to keep everyone safe?

Let the Heart Do the Talking
Mary Stubbs is a young widow who has inherited her late husband’s ranch. She is up against a lot of competition, with the local ranchers trying to take over her property. Among them is Tobias, who has wanted to own the Stubbs ranch for as long as he can remember. What he didn’t anticipate was Mary’s steadfast refusal to give up the ranch, driven by her own guilt. To both of their surprise, in the midst of competition and danger, a tender love begins to blossom. Can they follow their heart, or is it going to be an ugly conflict for the ranch between the two rivals?

If you love clean Inspirational romances that feature strong women of the era and determined, yet charming, male protagonists, you’ll love this collection!


Solemn Promises of Love


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