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We are only listing titles available through Amazon and occasionally group giveaways on Instafreebie.

Please check the calendar below on available dates for free listings. If contributing, pay no attention to the calendar. Email us or fill out the form and we can work with you on desired dates.
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$0 – we’re happy to list your title for free on the blog. Just fill out the form below and we’ll post it for you. We reserve the right to refuse titles, and we don’t accept erotica. See the calendar above on available dates for free titles. (If contributing, ignore the calendar and tell us the dates you want your title promoted.)

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Contributions appreciated!

Book Reviews
On occasion, we post reviews of books. These are quick and to the point, usually 100-300 words. Our reviews are not posted on Amazon, but feel free to use a pull quote on your book’s sales page.

We’re interested in fantasy, science fiction or thriller titles only. No erotica. Currently we have a one to three month turnaround on reviews. We don’t post reviews of books we don’t like, so if we don’t like your book we won’t review it. Nothing personal. We’d like to review books our readers would love to read.

Reviews are free, but we would like an electronic copy sent our way, preferably in Kindle format.

To discuss book reviews further and for all other inquiries, drop a line to: