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Jeff Tanyard, author of Clouds of Venus

I went with Jaxon Reed’s free blog post option, and I’m quite pleased with the results.  The number of free downloads of Clouds of Venus were comparable to running a bknights ad, except without having to shell out six bucks.

Thanks, Mr. Reed!


Kay Ling, author of Beyond the Forest

If anyone needs another recommendation for the promo service, Readper, I got the newsletter at 8:39 this morning, with my book featured at the top, and I just checked the KS website at 9:50 and my book is already in Hot and Trending!


S. Mays author of Sword of Order (via email)

Thanks, Jaxon. I think Readper was one of the more solid promos I did on my last (and first) book. It has been very nice dealing with your service.


Bill Hiatt author of Different Lee

The day my Readper [Kindle Scout] campaign launched was one of the biggest days I’ve had so far, second only to the second day of the campaign, at which point my mailing list folks got the word, I started FB advertising, and basically was using every other personal resource I had.


Joy Mosby author of Found by Vampires

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I had such a great experience with this company. I did their $35 package and had my best sales day ever! I will definitely be using them again.

The follow up email with the stats was great as well, gives you an idea of what kind of reach you are getting.

Thank you!


C. J. Sears author of The Smiling Man Conspiracy

Just popping in to say that Jaxon does great work with his newsletter. The success of the two recent free promotions for my novels exceeded expectations with his newsletter. It’s an awesome value.


Alyson Larrabee author of Hidden in the Dark

For anyone who’s running a KS campaign, or has a published book out there, I highly recommend Jaxon Reed’s site   . He helped me tremendously, is communicative about what he’s doing for your book, and has reasonable prices. Also, he’s a Kboards contributor. Several other people on this thread have recommended Readper, and I just wanted to add my endorsement to theirs.


Jada Ryker author of Die and the Family Stone: A Kirbie Stone Mystery Book 1

After my Kindle Scout winner, Take the Body and Run, was published in September 2016, I worked with Readper.

When I started my second KS campaign this month, I thought about Readper. I tried it for the KS campaign…it performed beyond my wildest dreams!

If you’re running a Kindle Scout campaign, you should definitely apply for a Readper promotion. I checked my statistics this morning. The promotion ran yesterday and kept the campaign on Hot and Trending. I also had the highest number of views yesterday since I started the campaign.

It’s been the single most effective promotion AND the cheapest!

Here’s a big THANKS to Jaxon and Readper.


Lincoln Cole author of Kindle Scout Guide: How to Run a Hot & Trending Campaign and Improve Your Odds of Getting Picked

Readper (Recommended/Cheap)
This one was from a friend of mine named Jaxon Reed and he blasts out to his newsletter on your behalf. Super cheap with some solid results. Check it out here.

I would definitely say this one is worthwhile considering how cheap it is and since it funnels in some decent results. Check this one out for sure and decide for yourself if it is worth the newsletter promotion.


Kay Charles author of The Ceiling Man

Last week, I broke my personal “don’t pay for promotion” rule and paid a whopping $5 to have my current campaign in Jaxon Reed’s Readper newsletter. The listing ran yesterday. I promised to let you know how it went.

Very well, thank you! Ghosts has, as I write this, been in H&T since the first update after the newsletter went out.

The listing ran on day 15 of the campaign. On day 14, Ghosts was already ahead of where the The Ceiling Man was at that point. It’s now passed TCM‘s final stats. (I’ve done very little promo of any kind for Ghosts, so the big difference is the internal/external break down. Ghost‘s page views have been heavily internal. TCM‘s were external. Yesterday added viewers to the external side.)

I’d call it a success and more than worth the $5. Since I know that page views and H&T hours are not the be-all and end-all for selection, I’m going into set-it and almost-forget-it mode for the rest of the thirty days. “Almost” because if I see an opportunity (free) for promo, I’ll take it.

I’m quoting both my post and Steve’s post below for info on the Readper newsletter. It only goes out on Saturdays, so if you want to use it you’ll need to plan ahead.

p.s. Cold Ground Ginger by Robert Burton Robinson was also in yesterday’s newsletter and is also H&T!


Ann Omasta author of The KEYS to my Diary series (via email)

Wow ~ that’s fantastic!

Definitely adding readper to my list of go-to promo sites.


D. L. Gardner author of An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody (via email)

I sold 40 books over the weekend. It was awesome!


Julianne Q. Johnson author of Nick of Time

Just a little shout out to Jaxon about how awesome Readper is. My campaign was ticking right along, doing fairly well, even though I’m in the boggy middle bit. Then, my Readper hit yesterday. Awesome.


Kelly Stock author of The Soul Guide

What I will say is the BEST RESPONSE was from other author sites – Readper run by author Jaxon Reed got me the most click links to my book on Amazon (57) not only that the tweet he put out about my book on his Twitter account @readperbooks has been retweeted 106 times (and counting) effectively advertising my book to thousands of potential customers and whilst I’m still uncertain as to the selling power of ads in Twitter, I am glad my book is getting out into the consciousness of potential readers.

In addition, I certainly saw a spike in buys following Jaxon’s newsletter going out. Not only that, Jaxon sent me an email with my book stats – not one other promotion I’ve paid into has done that! Put it this way, I will definitely be going back to Readper for book two!


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