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Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5

Dark Waters Inn Mysteries: Books 1-5 A hurricane, a badge, an inn that never falls into disrepair . . .    In 1900 a massive hurricane wiped out Galveston, killing thousands and leveling the island. One building survived, the Dark Waters Inn. The proprietress made a deal with the angel who watches over Texas. Over the years the island rebuilt. But Dark Waters remains untouched, haunted by a ghost whose […]

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Frankenstein The classic tale in ebook format.   Mary Shelley began writing Frankenstein when she was only eighteen. At once a Gothic thriller, a passionate romance, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of science, Frankenstein tells the story of committed science student Victor Frankenstein. Obsessed with discovering the cause of generation and life and bestowing animation upon lifeless matter, Frankenstein assembles a human being from stolen body parts but; […]

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Apprentice to Master: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy

Apprentice to Master: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy 1200+ pages of dark magic, sinister villains, and non-stop adventure.    For over a hundred years, the Temple of Ran has been sacrificing young wizards in order to steal their power. When Lorit discovers that he holds the rare ability to use magic, he becomes their next target.   Apprentice to Master: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy

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Dragon Approved Complete Series Boxed Set

Dragon Approved Complete Series Boxed Set Dragonriders are all that stand between Middang3ard and total annihilation. But their numbers are dwindling.   With every passing day, more and more Dragonriders are falling under the scourge of the Dark One. The forces of humanity and their allies are desperate. They need a new hero to step up and turn the tide. Myrddin, the resistance’s leader, thinks he might have found that […]

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Witch World Saga 1-3

Witch World Saga 1-3 The first three books in Andre Norton’s classic, collected in one ebook.   Simon Tregarth, a man on the run, escapes from our world into another, where magic still has power. He finds new purpose in the service of Estcarp, whose witches use their ancient knowledge of magic to protect their home. But a new threat is rising: the mysterious Kolder, who possess powers and technology […]

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Feyland: The Complete Series

Feyland: The Complete Series 6 novels + 4 novellas + 2 short tales = 1 Epic Collection!   Immerse yourself in a world of magic and adventure, where high-tech gaming meets the treacherous Realm of Faerie. Add a touch of romance, cyberpunk, and plenty of fae magic, and you get the acclaimed USA Today bestselling Feyland series – over two thousand pages of fabulous GameLit Fantasy, at a special bundle […]

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Devoted A terrifying killer and the singular compassion it will take to defeat him.   Woody Bookman hasn’t spoken a word in his eleven years of life. Not when his father died in a freak accident. Not when his mother, Megan, tells him she loves him. For Megan, keeping her boy safe and happy is what matters. But Woody believes a monstrous evil was behind his father’s death and now […]

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The Magelands Epic

The Magelands Epic Five peoples. Five powers. One land.    Millennia ago, five continents smashed together to create a new world – The Star Continent. For countless years the earth shifted and settled and now, at last, the five peoples can meet each other on the fertile plateau that joins their lands together. Two of these peoples, the Realm of the Holdings and the Rahain Republic, are advanced, rich and […]

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The Resistance: The Complete Series

The Resistance: The Complete Series The Watchers are done waiting. Invasion is inevitable.   The Earth Fleet has known of the Watchers for years, unwilling to share the knowledge. Now it might be too late. Hidden away from the Fleet, one man is creating a new colony ship destined for the other side of the Rift, but he’s missing a few pieces. Ace goes from the streets of Earth to […]

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