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Discordia A Fire Elemental, fae that eat the dead, and the apple that started the Trojan War…   Fire Elemental Diana’s first solo mission is a disappointing one—stop a pack of carrion-eating fae from eating tourists in the Everglades. But then a Greek God’s relic complicates her simple case. Discordia is a 10,000-word prequel to the award-winning Elemental’s series. From readper: Earlier in May we featured Fire, the first book […]

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Dragonlands Books 1-3

Dragonlands Books 1-3 Hidden, Hunted and Retribution.   The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descended at its borders eighty years ago. Each year, three villagers enter the mist searching for answers. No one ever returns. Then a dragon falls from the sky to the town square, dead—the first glimpse of an outside world that has become nothing more than a fairy tale to Hutton’s […]

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Kilenya Chronicles Books 1-3

Kilenya Chronicles Books 1-3 Sometimes magic comes to those who least expect it…   Jacob Clark doesn’t have time to believe in fantasies. He goes to school, works his after-hours job hard, and does what he can to keep his family above water. So after a mysterious girl tells him he’s a prince from another world, he laughs the story off as fiction. But when his family is kidnapped by […]

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The Dragon Blood Collection

The Dragon Blood Collection Books 1-3.   A thousand years have passed since a dragon has been seen in the world. Science and technology have replaced magic, which has dwindled until it has become little more than an element of myth and legend. There are those who still have dragon blood flowing through their veins, distant descendants of the mighty creatures of old. These rare humans have the power to […]

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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes High stakes in a small town bring out the best in these heart stopping heroes.    Nine full length stories where the only thing that will get your heart pumping harder than the romance is the suspense that will have you turning pages well into the night. Book 1: Cora Seton Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL Going rogue on his last mission landed Navy SEAL Brian […]

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A Set of Sisters

A Set of Sisters A We Sisters Three box set.   Books 1-3 of the We Sisters Three Mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller are now available as a boxed set! Meet Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme, the wacky Field sisters, in three funny, fresh romantic mysteries.   A Set of Sisters +

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Savage Stars

Savage Stars The universe can be savage, but these heroes won’t go down without a fight.    Seven full-length novels by bestselling authors that explore the far reaches of the universe, the limits of the human mind, and the divide between man and machine. Aliens, AI, and post-apocalyptic adventure–you’ll find them all among the Savage Stars.   Savage Stars +

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The Changeling’s Fortune

The Changeling’s Fortune When her destructive faery magic is unlocked, Deirdre fights for control of her power and for her life.   Seventeen-year-old orphan Deirdre moves to Neo-London, a city created after an attack by Unseelie faeries, and becomes caught in the tension between the city faeries and the human military. Deirdre develops uncontrollable magical abilities after having her fortune told—making her the target of Alan Callaghan, an extreme anti-faery […]

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The Sasha McCandless Series Volume 1

The Sasha McCandless Series: Volume 1 The first three fast-paced, suspense-packed legal thrillers in the Sasha McCandless series.   After eight long years, Sasha McCandless is about to make partner at a prestigious law firm. When a plane operated by her client slams into the side of a mountain, killing everyone aboard, Sasha gears up to defend the inevitable civil lawsuits. She soon realizes the crash was no accident: a […]

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Free Kindle Unlimited Offer

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Try Kindle Unlimited Free for 30 Days   Try Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited free for a month! Read most every title we carry in our newsletters for free. Listen to books with Audible narration. Read on any device. Check out all the popular magazines included in your subscription, free! Binge read popular series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and more! It’s all yours free for a month. If you don’t […]

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