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Ember of War

Ember of War A rancher’s distant world is attacked.    Lee’s too wild for the military, but too good at his job to get rid of. The government’s solution is to banish him to the outer planets until he’s deemed civilized. His latest attempt at rehabilitation has him signed on with an outpost colony. He hates ranching. He hates taking orders from his boss. But he likes shooting aliens. Luckily, […]

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The Truth About Fairy Tales

The Truth About Fairy Tales Business is booming, or at least it was before a client got murdered.   Callie Bloom, owner of The Truth About Fairy Tales Matchmaking Agency—TAFT for short—knows just how hard it is to find a man, much less a good and faithful man. That’s why her matchmaking agency strives to help the women of Belmont, Georgia find their happily ever after. Business is booming, or […]

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Get 7 Free Audible Listens & 100+ Free Romance Downloads

Get 7 Free Audible Listens and 100+ Free Romance Downloads   This week in our newsletter, find links to download 7 free Audible listens, over 100 free Romance titles, and much more! Click over to read, or better yet subscribe to our newsletter to get great bargains and freebies in your inbox every week!   Get 7 Free Audible Listens and 100+ Free Romance Downloads .

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Get 7 Free Listens from Audible

Get 7 Free Listens from Audible   For a limited time, get 7 free listens when you start a free trial with Audible! Start the year off right – get “Do Over,” “Finding Ultra,” and “Good Calories, Bad Calories” automatically added to your library, plus 2 audiobooks of your choice and 2 Audible Originals. Free 30 day trial! Cancel any time!   Get 7 Free Listens from Audible .

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Year-end Deals from Amazon

Year-end Deals from Amazon   For a limited time, stock up on these awesome end of the year deals from Amazon. Grab best sellers and other great titles for a steep holiday discount. Visit this special page on Amazon with all the bargains.   Year-end Deals from Amazon .

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Legacy of Dolyn

Legacy of Dolyn All her magical bets are off.   Cheery, party-loving Glen was born with unwanted powers. So when a motherly, bossy cat shows up with a training regime, Glen shows no interest whatsoever. After all, she doesn’t believe in the potential to become a sorceress. The young woman prefers living her life (simple as it is) without hard spells or crazy chants. The last thing Glen wants to […]

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