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The Housewife Assassin Gets Lucky

The Housewife Assassin Gets Lucky When two hot, haute heroines team up to solve a murder, neither can afford to be fashionably late.   No one expected to find a dead girl in the Royal Suite at the Babylon’s posh London club. Who would kill her? And why? With little to go on and no friends to rely on, Lucky O’Toole, the Babylon’s Chief Problem Solver, is dispatched to…well, to […]

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Lord Foul’s Bane

Lord Foul’s Bane Classic fantasy, rereleased on Kindle at a special price.   He called himself Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, because he dared not believe in this strange alternate world on which he suddenly found himself. Yet the Land tempted him. He had been sick; now he seemed better than ever before. Through no fault of his own, he had been outcast, unclean, a pariah. Now he was regarded as […]

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Miss Spelled

Miss Spelled Bewitched meets Murder She Wrote.   Amelia Spelled believes in baking it til you make it . . . But when her boyfriend dumps her, her boss fires her, and she’s evicted from her rental thanks to one too many cooking mishaps, Amelia finds herself all dressed up with nowhere to dough. Amelia is just about ready to pie for help when a handwritten letter is slipped under […]

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The Seeker’s Shadow

The Seeker’s Shadow All magic has been forbidden … But some still use it in secret, for the worst sort of purposes.    Twenty-three-year-old Alice Wynter, daughter of the chief of police, can’t wait until she can get out of Wonderland. As the only person in the entire town who doesn’t have magic, she’s never felt as though she belonged. It doesn’t help that her best friend was murdered a […]

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When Totems Fall

When Totems Fall He believed his breakthrough AI might someday change the world. It finally has. And now 50,000 Chinese soldiers stand guard over American soil.    Seattle. Terror Wars Vet Zeb Dalton’s bargain with the US military was more than repaid in a decade of sand, blood, and religious extremism. Finally home but not at peace, Dalton awakes to the horrors of a Chinese invasion of the western third […]

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Resonant Son Complete Series Boxed Set

Resonant Son Complete Series Boxed Set 30 floors of nightmare fueled action. An ex-cop with nothing left to lose.   After losing his job and family, Flint Reed finds himself in the middle of a terrorist attack. With nothing but his wits and experience as a former Union police officer, he must do everything he can to stay alive. As he soon discovers, however, there are also hostages, and no […]

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Moon Magic

Moon Magic Six-book Starter Library for lovers of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy featuring wolf and coyote shifters and beasts of all kinds…   Strap in and enjoy a rollicking ride through worlds of magic with six sizzling series starters from some of today’s hottest urban-fantasy storytellers. Scratch the surface of the real world to find alchemy, were-creatures, and witches waiting! Prepare to fall in love with sexy alphas and the […]

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Darcy Sweet Mystery Box Set One

Darcy Sweet Mystery Box Set One The first six mysteries in the popular Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery series.   Introducing Darcy Sweet… She isn’t what you would call a girly girl. She almost never wears makeup and loves nothing more than to wear a well-worn pair of jeans, a t-shirt and her most comfortable pair of sneakers. She would like to think she is just an ordinary woman, but she’s […]

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Harbor Falls Romance Box Set

Harbor Falls Romance Box Set A small town, second chance romance, two-book series starter.   When Suzie Hart inherits the lakeside Victorian cottage that eventually becomes Sweet Hart Inn, she imagines life planned out ahead of her. She will run the inn, write her cookbooks, and pick up an occasional catering job with her cousin, who owns the local bakery. Her life in Harbor Falls is predictable–a welcome change from […]

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