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Leona’s Last Resort

Leona’s Last Resort A small town mystery with a dash of romance and a few ghosts.   When Max Elliot invites Izzy Grant to a fancy Ivy League alumni reception at the Tawnee Mountain Resort, the ghost hunters anticipate a romantic weekend getaway at the premier ski and golf destination. But when wealthy hotelier Leona Hutton is murdered, and her ghost asks Izzy to find her killer, she and Max […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Sidhe

A Midsummer Night’s Sidhe 7 fae tales.   Delve into the realm of magick, shadow, light, and air with seven phenomenal authors and their fae tales of danger, betrayal, and love. Dive into THE WITCHWOOD with Kolin Gates Flee the enemy with Brittany White in FINDING HOME Find yourself FAE TOUCHED with Heather Marie Adkins Make a wish with Victoria Escobar in TRICKY WISHES Prepare for battle in ETHEREAL by […]

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Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline 2016 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Winner – Contemporary Series    The Plan: A month in Sweden to jump-start her photojournalism career Not in the Plan: The hot hockey player who lives across the hall But an adventure abroad never goes according to plan…right? Especially when the not-in-the-plan guy has a bad reputation. Time is running out. Caroline must choose what is safe or choose what […]

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Fangs & Fairy Dust

Fangs & Fairy Dust When the shifters went public, the government hunted them to almost extinction.   The vampires are smarter. They’ll stay hidden, even if the Blood Board’s second in command, Ryker, has to hunt down a rogue vampire all by himself. Eleven murders, all connected by severe loss of blood. Each of the victims is male…and dead, except for a stunning young woman named Aliza. Ryker’s trip to Dubuque […]

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The Shadow of Black Wings

The Shadow of Black Wings The Year of the Dragon Book One   It is the Sixteenth Year of Queen Victoria. In the powerful empire of Dracaland, Bran, a young dragon rider, joins his father on a military expedition to the mysterious lands of the Orient. In the reclusive Yamato, Sato, a tomboy samurai girl, strives to prove her right to inherit her father’s school of western magic. Nagomi, a […]

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Aphrodite’s Call

Aphrodite’s Call Pool of Souls Series, Book 1.   Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their chance to fall in love when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert’s career. Rebecca’s and Robert’s souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance, but… How far will Ares go to get his own way? Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and […]

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