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Daring Damsels and Warrior Women Giveaway

Daring Damsels and Warrior Women Giveaway   Click on over to Instafreebie’s awesome collection of kick butt females in fiction. “Whether they’re fighting crime, finding the truth, or swinging swords, join these fabulous femmes on harrowing journeys that will leave you thrilled and turning the page for more!” Click over and find something great to read! .

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Totaled: A Starship Fairfax Prequel Story

Totaled: A Starship Fairfax Prequel Story People keep dying. Officials keep covering things up.   Gavin Dolridge has the worst job in the Kuiper fleet. His ship perpetually sails in orbit beneath Saturn, collecting space-junk and keeping an eye on the border of the Old Earth Empire. In between bottles of scotch he babysits a crew of has-beens and a distant, solitary captain. The glorious life of an XO. From […]

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Fantasy Books for Fantasy Lovers Giveaway

Fantasy Books for Fantasy Lovers Season 2 Can’t get enough of amazing fantasy books? Do you want more of it on your phone’s library? Then download and fill your shelves with these books to satisfy your mind and heart’s cravings for fantasy and out of this world stories! In this Season 2 of Fantasy Books for Fantasy Lovers, you are guaranteed new and more books from your fantasy authors! If […]

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Winter Pick-Me-Up

Winter Pick-Me-Up ALL Romance HUGE Giveaway   Author Shannyn Leah is hosting a huge Instafreebie Giveaway featuring over 100 romance titles in a wide variety of subgenres. Click on over and find something new to read! .

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