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The Jalakh Bow

The Jalakh Bow Intricate epic fantasy, Book 3 of The Weapon Takers Saga.   The weapon takers have bought themselves some time to complete their quest. But when their enemies return, they will find that they have become more ruthless and more terrifying than ever. In the steppe lands of the far north, Soren must seek out the bow of the Jalakh tribes. In Kalinth, Belwynn must face a mysterious […]

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The Shadow Order Books 1-8

The Shadow Order Books 1-8 In a fight, Seb is unbeatable. But in this galaxy, there are a million ways to lose…    Seb Zodo has never backed down from a fist fight. After all, he’s been gifted with powers that make losing impossible. But lately, Seb’s gift seems more like a curse… Seb’s fearlessness leads to stupid decisions, short-lived jobs, and unwanted attention in dangerous places. In a desperate […]

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Star Crossed

Star Crossed Sci-fi to fall in love with.   7 full-length novels that explore the future without forgetting that the most dangerous battles will always be within the human heart. Aliens, AI, cyborgs, galactic empires, space battles, and romance…you’ll find them all here, along with heroines and heroes you’ll cheer for. Space doesn’t have to be cold! Download Star Crossed today.   Star Crossed .

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Adventures of the Starship Satori

Adventures of the Starship Satori  The opening six-book arc of USA Today Bestseller Kevin McLaughlin’s epic starship Satori series!   Dan Wynn thought he was grounded forever, but was given one last shot at the stars. Beth Wynn figured she’d never see her ex-husband again, until the adventure of a lifetime brought them back together. John Carraway, billionaire businessman with a secret: an ancient starship with an intact wormhole drive. […]

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Brandon Sanderson Sampler

Brandon Sanderson Sampler A free selection from Brandon Sanderson.   Brandon Sanderson is one of the most innovative and prolific authors writing today, and Tor Books is proud to share with you two of his most exciting series: The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn. This electronic sampler contains part one of The Way of Kings, book one in The Stormlight archive, and the first five chapters of Mistborn, book one of […]

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Mark Twain on the Moon

Mark Twain on the Moon: Book One Prospectors! As told in his own words.   n an alternate 19th century, young Samuel Clemens sets out for the mining camps of America’s wildest frontier: the Moon. Travel with Sam and his partner Calvin as they venture into the desolate, deadly wastes of the Mare Imbrium and the Montes Caucasus, in search of wonders, adventure, and a fortune in precious water ice. […]

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Capital Fleet

Capital Fleet Last time, the aliens smashed the galaxy. Humanity held on by the fingernails. In the decades since, we’ve put worlds back together. We’ve licked our wounds. But Captain Husher warned us they would return. We didn’t want to believe him. We couldn’t afford to believe him. Doesn’t matter. The enemy has returned, with weapons beyond anything we’ve dreamed of. Now, it falls to Husher and his troubled crew […]

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Clarion’s Call

Clarion’s Call Pirates of the Milky Way Book II.   The SLS Excelsior has a million credit bounty on her, and pirate captain Christopher Raleigh leads his crew to claim the prize. But with the Digital Assassin and the Tetrarch’s daughter onboard, no plans can ever be safe. When Space Marines recapture Jillian in the midst of battle, Raleigh and his crew have to find a way to get to […]

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Office Preserves

Office Preserves In HR, no one cares if you scream.   Some people fight for a new job. On his first day, Toby can’t wait to lose his. Without a doubt, Preser Tech is the most bizarre office he’s ever been in. The employees wear tattered clothes. Receptionists answer pretend phones, and the CEO wants everyone working for the rest of their lives. Literally. When Toby tries to leave and […]

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