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Magical Connections

Magical Connections Six fantasy shorts.   How far will you go for love? From a pregnant fairy godmother to a child bitten by a werewolf, a fallen angel to a mail-order witch, these six fantasy short stories & novellas, connected by magic, will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Fangs & Fairy Dust: An Angels of Sojourn Spin-Off Novella After eighty years, Ryker returns to Dubuque, hunting down a […]

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Starship Grifters

Starship Grifters A Rex Nihilo adventure.   A space-faring ne’er-do-well with more bravado than brains, Rex Nihilo plies the known universe in a tireless quest for his own personal gain. But when he fleeces a wealthy weapons dealer in a high-stakes poker game, he ends up winning a worthless planet…and owing an outstanding debt more vast than space itself!The only way for Rex to escape a lifetime of torture on […]

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The Magitech Chronicles Quadrilogy

The Magitech Chronicles Quadrilogy Their fleets are in ruins. Their worlds burn. The Godswar has come again.   Aran awakens in chains with no memory. He’s conscripted into the Confederate Marines as a Tech Mage, given a spellrifle, then hurled into the war with the draconic Krox and their Void Wyrm masters. Desperate to escape, Aran struggles to master his abilities while surviving the Krox onslaught. Fighting alongside him are […]

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Jack Forge Fleet Marine Box Set

Jack Forge Fleet Marine Box Set One man must save humanity, whether he wants to or not.   The complete Amazon bestselling Jack Forge, Fleet Marine series in one omnibus edition Jack Forge started as an unwilling recruit, but quickly established himself as a top-notch Marine and an inspired leader. When faced with impossible odds, he repeatedly saved the day…and his fellow marines. As his status grows, he must fight […]

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Welcome to the Age of Magic

Welcome to the Age of Magic A starter collection for multiple series in one awesome world.    Centuries after the collapse of the Old World, Irth has devolved into a realm of monsters and magic, ruled by petty tyrants and thieves who seek to create the world in their own image. But despite the many changes that have befallen Irth, one thing remains the same. Heroes walk among us. Welcome […]

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Ember of War

Ember of War A rancher’s distant world is attacked.    Lee’s too wild for the military, but too good at his job to get rid of. The government’s solution is to banish him to the outer planets until he’s deemed civilized. His latest attempt at rehabilitation has him signed on with an outpost colony. He hates ranching. He hates taking orders from his boss. But he likes shooting aliens. Luckily, […]

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Dwarves and Wizards

Dwarves and Wizards The exciting conclusion to the Forlorn Dagger trilogy!   Underneath the mountains outside the dwarves’ most distant outpost, after centuries of waiting members of the Shadow Council make their move. Dwarves and wizards must unite to try and stop evil from retaking the world. The Shadow Council is powerful, but the thief and his motley crew of ex-pirates have one more surprise in store . . . […]

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Awash in Talent

Awash in Talent So much talent can kill you.   Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, home of telekinetics, firestarters, and psychics! Emily can’t escape her annoyingly Talented telekinetic healer sister without committing a crime. Kelly must escape her pyrokinesis school and bring Emily’s sister to Boston — her mother’s life depends on it. Appointments with Emily might drive her psychic therapist insane. With so much Talent, sometimes it’s all you […]

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The Hidden Worlds

The Hidden Worlds Two children fight for nature.   Were those people in Isaiah’s dream the same people from school? Popular soccer star Magda? George, who he’d never heard speak because he always left classes for special services help? Angry Rose, the Chinese girl who was always in trouble for fighting? And why were there dead birds and fish everywhere? When the four encounter one another the next day by […]

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