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More than a Game

More than a Game Welcome to the Land of Fayroll where full immersion virtual reality gaming doesn’t just exist, it thrives!   Tasked with a new assignment, journalist Harriton is given explicit orders to write a series of articles on the Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll and its developers. Harriton grudgingly accepts the assignment but soon finds himself enthralled by the virtual fantasy world and its amazing quests, unpredictable challenges […]

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Eye of Truth

Eye of Truth Agents of the Crown Book 1   After ten years at war, Jev Dharrow looks forward to hanging up his sword, relaxing with a cool mug of ale, and forgetting that the love of his life married another man while he was gone. But when his ship sails into port, a beautiful woman wearing the garb of an inquisitor from one of the religious orders waits to […]

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Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One

Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrong…so very, very, wrong.   A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired. He needs to find someone to take over. He finds Bethany Anne. Unknown, untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future. One that no one knew […]

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Silent Blade

Silent Blade Family is everything. Talent is power. And revenge is sweet.   In a distant, future world Kinsmen—small powerful groups of genetically and technologically advanced families—control vast financial empires. They are their own country, their own rulers, and their only limits are other Kinsmen. The struggle for power is a bloody, full-contact sport: in business, on the battlefield…and sometimes in the bedroom. Old hatreds die hard. Old love dies […]

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A Threat of Shadows

A Threat of Shadows Alaric betrayed everything he believed to save Evangeline — and failed.    His last chance to save the woman he loves lies in an ancient Wellstone, a repository of power, buried and lost long ago. Luck–or something more troubling–leads him to a small group searching for the same stone. A disgruntled dwarf, a bumbling wizard, and an elf with an unsettling amount of power. If he […]

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Changes Utopia or Dystopia only you can decide.   The end of the world as we know it would bring billions of deaths. But what happens after that? Authors have shown us utopias and dystopias would result, none seem very pleasing. From the Author: See the Changes Movie Trailer here:  Visit   Changes .

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Interstellar Wars

Interstellar Wars The Pike Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-5.   The 1st 5 hit space operas from The Pike Chronicles. 1,000+ pages of military science fiction action adventure. The Sol System was conquered and humans lived as slaves for 500 long years. Now, after years of brutal warfare, humanity has been liberated. Liberation, however, comes at a cost, and the Sol System has become nothing more than a puppet state […]

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Legacy of Dolyn

Legacy of Dolyn All her magical bets are off.   Cheery, party-loving Glen was born with unwanted powers. So when a motherly, bossy cat shows up with a training regime, Glen shows no interest whatsoever. After all, she doesn’t believe in the potential to become a sorceress. The young woman prefers living her life (simple as it is) without hard spells or crazy chants. The last thing Glen wants to […]

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The Mage Chronicles Box Set

The Mage Chronicles Box Set A Wyvern dragon shifter. Revenge, lies and a deadly magical challenge.   When her parents were murdered eleven years ago, leaving her physically scarred during the event, dragon shifter Astri never learned the identity of their killer. That is until he appears to her in a nightmare. The powerful Duke Jorgen not only rules the city of Rivenna where she lives, he is also responsible […]

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