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Enchanted Kingdoms

Enchanted Kingdoms Old tales. New twists. 2000+ pages.   The stories you loved as a child have been twisted into wildly addictive tales that will bewitch you as an adult: enchanted castles, spellbinding magic, handsome princes, beautiful princesses, and as many happily-ever-afters as your heart desires. Cherish this mesmerizing set of 20+ classic tales retold by a collection of best-selling and award-winning authors. Each novel-length story features a different take […]

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The Forgotten Engineer

The Forgotten Engineer A Space Opera Heroine Adventure.     Ensign Athena Lee was one month into her new assignment as the most Junior engineer on board ship. Her assignment was to help build a secret spy station in a small out of the way galaxy. How was she to know it would become her last official assignment? An enemy fleet dropped out of jump right into their midst. In […]

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Diplomat’s Peril

Diplomat’s Peril “Dang, Sarge. When diplomatic immunity is ignored, it turns into the Wild West out there.”    The Counterforce teams are reunited, but SSI-Euripides sends in a hit man to take out Shotwell and Pico inside the Republican embassy. Meanwhile, Gina Wilcox helps strike the local seat of government in an attempt to rescue and repatriate Miriam, while the bot’s original abductor tries to smuggle herself down to the […]

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Eve of Redemption: Books 1-6

Eve of Redemption: Books 1-6 An Epic Fantasy Saga filled with magic, adventure, war, and legendary heroes.    When Citaria falls under the shadow of a demonic incursion, only a legendary hero can stop them. For Karian Vanador, though, being resurrected comes with a price. Not only is she in a different time and place, but the world has changed in her absence, and she must face the dark demons […]

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The Atlantis Girl

The Atlantis Girl The US government, the US military, and world-renowned scientists are all after one thing—the Atlantis gene, from the descendants of the lost island of Atlantis.    Sixteen-year-old Jaxon Andersen doesn’t know anything about her origins and has been shuffled around different foster homes ever since she can remember. Trouble follows her, but bullies underestimate her small stature; she has an inexplicable strength, and she can kick some […]

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60 Space Sci-Fi Books

60 Space Sci-Fi Books Almost 7,000 pages of classic science fiction.   Musaicum Books presents to you this unique SF collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Contents Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon Around the Moon Off on a Comet H. G. Wells: The War of the Worlds Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac Gustavus W. Pope: Journey to […]

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Clarion’s Call

Clarion’s Call Pirates of the Milky Way Book II.   The SLS Excelsior has a million credit bounty on her, and pirate captain Christopher Raleigh leads his crew to claim the prize. But with the Digital Assassin and the Tetrarch’s daughter onboard, no plans can ever be safe. When Space Marines recapture Jillian in the midst of battle, Raleigh and his crew have to find a way to get to […]

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Earth Warden

Earth Warden The Wardens are our planet’s last line of defence.    It’s more than just a career – it’s a sacred calling… But it comes with a very short life expectancy. Lord Kreon, Warden of the First Circle, has a problem. He’s been forced to kill another apprentice, and he’s rapidly running out of candidates. In fact, there is precisely one left… Raised on modern-day Earth, Tristan knows nothing of the […]

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When Worlds Begin

When Worlds Begin Romance. Magic. Danger. Impossible odds.   Enter When Worlds Begin, and dive into four full fantasy novels. Each world is different. Each story is built to whisk you away. A boy whose love is stronger than magic. He’ll save the girl who holds his heart, no matter the cost. An assassin with the courage to topple kingdoms. They shouldn’t have let her live. She will be the […]

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