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Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set

Blade Asunder Complete Series Box Set This special edition bundle contains all five books in the acclaimed Blade Asunder Series.   Bereaved and exiled from his homeland, Ganry ekes out a living as a wandering mercenary. A contract to protect a fifteen year old princess sees him embark on a quest across the kingdom. Confronted with danger at every turn, they get help from some unlikely companions. And Ganry discovers […]

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Fire (The Six Elements Book 1)

Fire (The Six Elements Book 1) A quest to understand one’s origins leads to a budding rebellion in a world of magic, myth, and adventure.   Kai Sera is an anomaly. In a world where most mages only have the ability to wield one element, she has discovered she is the only one with the capability of wielding them all: fire, earth, water, air, life, and death. Having been dropped […]

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The Everett Exorcism

The Everett Exorcism The Exorcist meets The Dresden Files   Something strange is happening in the city of Everett, Washington and Father Niccolo Paladina is tasked with investigating possible demonic activity. Nothing is as it seems, however, and things quickly begin spiraling out of his control. When his path crosses with that of an old rival, they discover that things are worse in Everett than either of them could ever […]

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Scout Selection: Cold Solar

Cold Solar A dark and gritty dystopian sword epic.   Earth colonized Mars but she treated her own pioneers as slaves for personal greed. They dug too deep into the Martian rock and discovered a weapon. Now they’re coming back years later to bring vengeance. Caught up in the war is Mark Bowen, a pro-swordfighter with a twisted sense of sarcastic humor and a hidden secret buried deep within his […]

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Legends of Elera

Legends of Elera: Voices A Noblebright Fantasy for Teens.   “Whether you choose magic or madness, you can’t save the world from itself.” – Auntie Mitra The Ancients have turned their backs on a corrupt and unjust society, leaving chaos, death and ruin in their wake. A new magic, one born of nature to balance the chaos, rises to replace the old, while the old will stop at nothing in […]

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Facade (Transmutation Book 1)

Facade (Transmutation Book 1) A shocking new species hiding in plain sight.   An ordinary undercover assignment on Sector Port 8 goes critical for Galactic Intelligence Agents Hunter and Trash when a peculiar encounter ends with a woman becoming deathly ill. Hunter, an experimental Human and Trash, his long-eared, horned partner, realize she is not one of the known species. When her condition worsens, they take her to the Alleviators […]

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Runes and Relics

Runes and Relics New discoveries await, from enigmatic relics in a historic ruin to a long-hidden room behind a door marked with runes.   So many adventures, so little time! After discovering the portal to the gnome world, Lana develops a taste for adventure, but dividing her time between both worlds means missing half the excitement. The Amulet Team is leaving Shadowglade on a mission to the barrier zone, and […]

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Scout Selection: Damaged Beyond All Recognition

Damaged Beyond All Recognition (Infinity’s Trinity Book 1) A love triangle fights to preserve eternity   Paul Tomenko is no stranger to the improbable. He became a magazine sweepstakes winner and renowned counterculture writer by age 19. Now he’s traveling to and from God’s library somewhere outside the Universe to prevent the end of eternity. And if his task wasn’t hard enough, he must enlist the help of his two […]

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Life in the North: An Apocalyptic LitRPG

Life in the North: An Apocalyptic RPG Novel When John wakes up, the world has changed with game notifications, levels and worse of all, monsters.   All John wanted to do was get away for his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend. Hike, camp and chill. Instead, the world comes to an end in a series of blue boxes, animals start evolving and monsters start spawning. Now, he […]

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