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Afterburn A post-apocalyptic thriller.   Five years after a devastating solar storm wipes out civilization and spawns a strange race of mutants, Rachel Wheeler and her misfit family must choose whether to hide away or fight to join other survivors. As their food supply dwindles inside their bunker, radiation from abandoned nuclear plants is altering the world around them. Not only are the mutants building their own cities and weapons, […]

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The Hidden Magic Chronicles Boxed Set

The Hidden Magic Chronicles Boxed Set The Truth will set you free, but what happens when the Truth is a Lie?     Rhona and her paladin brother Alastar belong to a holy people who have waged war on witches and warlocks and their clans from the highlands. But when she uses magic to save his life, their world is thrown upside down. On the run, having left all they […]

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The Dream Maker

The Dream Maker A sci-fi thriller novel.   Lucius is a depressive young man who suffers from severe insomnia. His virtues? He draws extremely well. He can also invade dreams. After three sleepless nights, Lucius’s body collapses while doing an ad presentation at the office. Desperate, he seeks treatment by checking himself into a clinic that deals with sleep-related disorders. However, this is not an ordinary medical facility; in its […]

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Harry Watt Bounty Hunter

Harry Watt Bounty Hunter Mars needs a hero, and fast.   For Harry Watt, simply doing what he’s told was never an option. When the best hydrologist on Earth high-tails it to Mars after first helping himself to some company funds, Judge Headlock, Harry’s employer and nemesis, instructs him to bring back the runaway to face justice. A trip to the Red Planet onboard a ship with the new StrateLine […]

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Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising Box Set When the end arrives, how far will you go to save the ones you love?    When a terrorist plot results in the detonation of several nuclear devices across the West Coast, the Frasers are thrown into disarray and their strained familial relationships are tested as they watch society collapse around them. Tens of millions of people are killed, injured and driven away from their homes […]

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The Future Chronicles

The Future Chronicles 16 short stories from leading authors in modern speculative fiction.   The Future Chronicles is the premier title in the #1 bestselling speculative fiction anthology series of the same name, and one of the most acclaimed short story anthology series of the digital era. Created by award-winning author and series editor Samuel Peralta, with some of the most-respected editors of the genre as guest editors, each volume […]

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Dragons Of Udora

Dragons of Udora She was dangerously forbidden, but this time he refused to let the past repeat itself.   The Weredragons of Udora are an alien species whose main purpose is to breed to keep their species of half-dragons alive and restore unique powers that have been long forgotten. They have created an unsteady alliance with the Earth to host choosing ceremonies where each alien shifter dragon can take a […]

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The Tacitan Legacy

The Tacitan Legacy An ancient secret. A deadly assassin. A race against time…   When a series of prominent planetary leaders are found dead with the energy mysteriously ripped from their bodies, the Affinity must face the terrifying possibility that an enemy has taken control of the lethal technology left behind by an extinct, all-powerful alien race known as the Tacitan. Forced to respond to the unprecedented threat, the Star […]

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Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection

Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection 160 classic speculative tales.   Musaicum Books presents to you this unique SF collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. E. M. Forster: The Machine Stops Richard Jefferies: After London Richard Stockham: Perchance to Dream Irving E. Cox: The Guardians Philip F. Nowlan: Armageddon–2419 A.D… George Griffith: The Angel of the Revolution… Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac David […]

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