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Dragons of Umora Volume 1

Dragons of Umora Volume 1 The first 10 best selling novels in the series.   Cole – The youngest prince of Umora comes to conquer earth and prove his claim to the throne. Unexpectedly finding his mate changes everything. Alexander – In love with a half-human who has the power to take down all of Umora… can Alexander and Ariel’s relationship survive their haunting past? Peter – Brought back from […]

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The Last Challenge

The Last Challenge Hilariously funny paranormal romance.   Did Lauren Rutherford, believe in luck? Absolutely. After all, he lived in her house and his first name was Bad. Did Lauren Rutherford believe in magic? Absolutely not. But sometimes life just loves to prove you wrong. Lauren Rutherford knows is a woman of many failings. She can’t cook, she can’t hold down a serious relationship and she can’t manage her money […]

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The Broken Kaleidoscope Series

The Broken Kaleidescope Series Glimpses into the darker side of humanity.   This is book one in the Broken Kaleidoscope Series, a collection of short stories and novellas. It is an exploration of the darkness that pervades humanity, and its many shades. From the ugly to the uncomfortable, the hidden to the forbidden, the misunderstood to the unspoken, the stories take you on a journey that is both hauntingly bitter-sweet […]

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Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic When Dustin Graves survives a ritual sacrifice, he awakens infused with shadow magic, a terrible gift he must wield against the dark forces that hunt him at every turn.   The gods are dying. But for one man, death is only the beginning. Murdered as a ritual sacrifice, amateur thief and professional charmer Dustin Graves mysteriously survives, finding himself gifted with strange, dark magic. Then more dead bodies […]

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Tombyards & Butterflies

Tombyards & Butterflies A Missing Ferryman. An Undead Dilemma. An Immortal Detective.   An emissary from the Dark Council has just materialized in the office of the Montague & Strong Detective Agency, and makes Simon Strong an offer he can’t refuse. Charon is missing. The legendary ferryman responsible for transporting sorcerer souls across the river Styx hasn’t been seen in days. And with each passing hour, those unable to cross […]

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Happy Howlidays

Happy Howlidays Shifters in Love romance collection.    Almost 900 pages of shifter Christmas romance goodness, featuring 11 stories by Isadora Montrose, Elsa Jade, Becca Fanning, Liv Brywood, Julia Mills, Élianne Adams, Olivia Arran, Scarlett Grove, J.K. Harper, Jacqueline Sweet, and V. Vaughn. Download today!   Happy Howlidays

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Shadows and Spellcraft

Shadows and Spellcraft The ultimate urban fantasy binge collection.   Dive into FIFTEEN amazing worlds full of action, adventure, magic and mayhem brought to you by some of the freshest voices in urban fantasy. Want angels? Demons? Fairies? Witches? Supernatural assassins? Vampires? Whatever you’re after, you’re bound to find it in this incredible collection jam-packed with page-turning adventure. This bundle features 8 full length novels, 4 short novels and 3 […]

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Bound by a Dragon

Bound by a Dragon It takes a brave woman to love a dragon.   Living in a small village does not mean Keira’s life is simple. From avoiding the man she is expected to marry to ignoring her mother’s sharp tongue, it can be altogether difficult. But two new arrivals have sent waves of excitement through the village, providing Keira with a distraction from her unwanted attentions. The first is Aaron Drake; […]

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The Paranormal Council: Books 1-5

The Paranormal Council: Books 1-5 Enter the paranormal romance world of the Paranormal Council’s universe.   Enter the world of the Paranormal Council, where shifters go about their day to day lives without anyone even realising. From escaping arranged marriages, to dealing with rogue necromancers, these shifters have a bit of everything… This set contains the complete Paranormal Council shifter romance series.   The Paranormal Council: Books 1-5 .

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