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Miriam’s Dilemma

Miriam’s Dilemma “I think our bot has left the planet.”    League forces in Octavia move against ex-Marine Gina Wilcox, trying to grab a very special droid. Powerful special forces combine their strength with vicious street gangs, ready to take her on. Tetrarch Chu deals with betrayal on Euripides, and turns to the Nomadi for help. A lone assassin heads into the wilderness to hunt her down. Now, both a […]

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Operation Counterforce

Operation Counterforce Book 4 in Agents of the Planetary Republic.   Commander Hamilton Wolf leads Operation Counterforce, a group of ex-Marines on a mission to mete out some black-ops justice against the League. Back home, a rogue engineer at Verberger, the droid manufacturing conglomerate, has designed a super suit that lets him run roughshod over law enforcement. When the local crime syndicate gives him a weapon to match, Assistant Director […]

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Storm Warning

Storm Warning Second in the new Agents of the Planetary Republic series!   Spies and assassins are much more active in the Republic now that the war is over. One operative holds information extremely valuable to League terrorists. And a secret project by Republican Shipworks, the giant battleship conglomerate, holds a way to change the past to affect the future . . . Gina Wilcox leads a crack team of […]

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Detective Wilcox

Detective Wilcox “Look at it this way, Sarge . . . Three ex-Marines are worth about ten regular agents.”   The war is over. For ex-Marine Sergeant Gina Wilcox, that means using her powers outside the military for a change. Wilcox is an electronic telepath, and when Naval Investigations is dissolved she’s recruited into AOJ, the Republic’s top civilian law enforcement agency. AOJ has a reputation for being corrupt to […]

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