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The Wyvern’s Defender Dire Wolf

The Wyvern’s Defender Dire Wolf Faced with a pack of hellhounds, a murdered neighbor, and an angry dragon, Dolf begins to suspect that he may have bitten off more than he can chew in giving mysterious and electrifying Helena Tarleton his protection, but the thing is, she just might be his soul’s mate.   A single word scribbled on a scrap of paper by an unsteady hand chilled the blood […]

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Her Detective Dragon

Her Detective Dragon Lone dragons don’t have soulmates . . .    Everyone knows that lone dragons don’t have perfect mates. Storm dragon Grissom Hale had long ago resigned himself to a lonely life. But when he stops to rescue a beautiful woman from a long walk down a lonely stretch of road during a terrible storm, he finds the woman that he was made for: his soul mate. She’s […]

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Her Deluxe Dragon Detective

Her Deluxe Dragon Detective A cozy paranormal romantic comedy.    Accused of murder… An accountant by day and a soccer enthusiast by choice, Gabriela Alves is nothing if not unlucky at love, and her ex-fiancé is the worst of the bunch. But her obsessive ex-fiancé turning up brutally murdered in her living room is beyond mere bad luck even for her. Pursued by a detective with an electric smile… Lone […]

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