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The Shadow Over Lone Oak

The Shadow Over Loan Oak An eccentric federal agent investigates occult activity in a small town.   The idyllic town of Lone Oak is struck by the murder of a young girl. Occult activity is clearly involved. But as Special Agent Llewyn Finch discovers, the town was always rotting underneath the surface. Lone Oak’s sheriff is out of her depth. Between the moonshiners and the local newspaper’s antipathy, Willow Donahue […]

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Scout Selection: The Smiling Man Conspiracy

The Smiling Man Conspiracy When evil is in control, good men die.   Agent Llewyn Finch embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind a series of abductions. There’s a hitch: he hasn’t recovered from his last case. He can’t shake the fact that where he goes, death follows. Someone’s playing a mad game with the lives of innocents. Evidence points to a shadow organization within the government. In […]

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