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The Billionaire’s Brother

The Billionaire’s Brother Will Trey and Millie choose love or money in this sweet billionaire forbidden office romance? Sparks fly when Trevor Donovan meets the woman who can help him run his brother’s empire. Will these two be able to resist a forbidden office romance, or will they choose love over money? Trevor Donovan has always felt inferior to his billionaire brother, Trey. When his brother leaves him in charge, […]

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Wings on Fire Complete Collection

Wings on Fire Complete Collection When passion and danger mix, what will happen to Daniel and Kerry?   I have one job… Keep Kerry safe. She’s in the hospital, so I guess that makes me a crappy guardian angel. It is supposed to be simple. Kerry is my charge. My task is to silently watch over her and keep her out of harm’s way. I’ve never before had a problem […]

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