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Finding Julie

Finding Julie Amnesia victim forgets husband, falls for cowboy.   Following a minor accident, Julie Stuart awakens to find she has lost her memory. Psychosomatic, the doctors tell her because all she’s forgotten is her marriage and the husband who went with it. James Stuart fell hard for a warm and funny Julie, but the second he slid his ring on her finger, she became the proverbial ice princess, a […]

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No Tomorrows

No Tomorrows A short term affair leads to a baby which leads to complications.   There was never any doubt they loved each other, though it was first unacknowledged. Two such opposites: Gideon, a popular British rocker; and Sabrina, a quiet introspective poet. In the throes of personal tragedy, Gideon has come to the Texas coast seeking the privacy to grieve. Sabrina has come home to the Texas coast searching […]

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