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Complements Innocent girl meets sexy bad boy.   For 17-year-old Olivia Girardi it all begins with dreams, haunting and erotic nightly forays that leave her feeling tired and disturbed days after having them. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot kick the man from her dreams out of her head; he shadows her day and night, and she blushes just thinking of how he swings her emotions up and […]

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Oblivion: Comeuppance

Oblivion: comeuppance Exciting sequel to Oblivion: between black and white.   Aja Lawson’s happy life has quickly gone from bad to so much worse. An accident stole her adored young husband away in front of her horrified eyes. Crushing debt propelled her into selling herself right into the arms of a handsome stranger who claims to care but enjoys humiliating her. Now, she’s been taken against her will by a […]

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