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Scout Selection: VayneLine – Fate Reset

VayneLine – Fate Reset Wanted Criminal. Destined Hero.   Gauge’s destiny finds himself among genetically engineered humans, a Utopian Earth and ‘friendly’ alien overlords; yet none of it sits right with his rebellious tendencies. Surrounded on all sides by a disturbing perfection, he vows to escape Earth and see the stars. Hunted by his own race, his small group is caught in the backdrop of an outbreak of interstellar war. […]

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Curse of Souls

Curse of Souls In the epic war of humans versus the supernatural, he’ll tip the scales.   College freshman Sverre Walker is just an ordinary guy trying to blend in during his first semester. Until the night he’s attacked by Jessica, an agent for an ancient organization devoted to eliminating werewolves, vampires and other supernatural threats. Sverre learns from Jessica that he’s not quite human. Now, Sverre has a choice […]

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